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Entries are mainly of Chundoongthunderdoongie & MBLAQ. But there's a lot of random stuff in between.



“There is something that I really want to say during today’s session of ‘Raise the Volume’ (about her relationship with Ji Hyunwoo)… I knew this would have a huge impact career-wise, so I was extremely careful… and my mind was wandering all over the place. I thought to myself, ‘Despite the results and reactions from the outside, is this love that I’m allowed to take part of?’ This was the kind of belief I had. If I’m not sure, as much as this is my job and my career, it was difficult and that was the belief I had… For ten days I thought about it immensely, and came to the conclusion that we should purely only consider our feelings and nothing else… I finally contacted him two days ago… I finally called Ji Hyunwoo, who waited for me all this time even though he was probably anxiously waiting (for an answer). We met up at the park and as we were walking along, he said that ‘Although Queen Inhyun’s Man (the drama they recently starred in and met together) is over, I want to try to be Yoo Inna’s Man’. I like him. I have found assurance and I am certain. And he has given me those feelings. I would like to start a beautiful relationship with him and meet him more than anyone else. And Ji Hyunwoo-ssi, as promised, please stop smoking now.”

Source: Yoo Inna’s Raise The Volume Radio ShowTranslation: 
It is really bothering me that I’m seeing comments like “Cheondung needs to care more.” LOOK, just because he’s not as vocal as Joon or Mir or G.O doesn’t mean he doesn’t care or is stupid. Everyone seems to mistake the fact that he won’t say much or his facial expression doesn’t change so much because he’s cold. He’s not. He’s just not equipped to express himself as well as everyone else. The slightest chink in Cheondung’s calm facade is probably what Joonie and Mireu have all over their faces because that’s how they ARE.

I don’t usually rant, but dammit, this just put me over the edge. He cares a shitload - a lot of people just don’t understand how shyer, quieter people who have had to deal with hiding things operate. People often expect a full on emotional showing and Cheondung just can’t do that.

I’m not even saying this to change anyone’s mind because I know I can’t. I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in for Doong. 




I just went to the national KPOP Cover Dance Festival stage, and the judges were MBLAQ and omg, omg, omg.

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One of us has won 5 straight Wimbledons. One of won Wimbledon from 2003-2010. At least one of us has made the Wimbledon finals from 2003-now. One of us has won 6 Roland Garros Titles. One of our names has graced the Coup de Mousqetaires from 2005 until now. One of us made 23 straight semifinals & 26 and counting quarterfinals in Grand Slams. From the 2005 Wimbledon Finals to the 2010 Australian Final, one of us made each final except the 2008 Australian Open. We contested the greatest final in history - the 2008 Wimbledon final. Our reign as holding World #1 lasted from just after the Australian Open in 2004 until Wimbledon 2011. We have played each other 24 times. One of us has won 5 straight Grand Slams in 2 of them - the U.S. Open & Wimbledon. We both own career Grand Slams, two of only 6 men to do so and one of us being the youngest player to achieve that feat. We have 26 Grand Slams between us & only 3 men other than us have won between the 2005 Australian Open and 2011 Wimbledon. If you want to win, you more likely than not have to get through us both.
We are the Greatest of All Time. 
Ahhhh so beautiful my boys <3

Boromir: I have failed you all.Aragorn: No Boromir, you fought bravely. You have kept your honor.
Whether you call it mirdoong or mirder or doongmir or what have you, the love, just like the love between any of the five blaqies, is real. ^^ Maknae line. <3 These bbs.